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About Us

Our Story


Cocoa Santé LC owners Jen and Shannon are professional mothers. They work hard at their full-time jobs at Cocoa Santé LC in the Boston area all day, but the real challenge happens every evening. Between the two families, Jen and Shannon are raising six lively children, with enough energy and appetite to empty a stocked fridge in a couple of days.

 That means Jen and Shannon have become experts at finding healthy, nutritious food to fill a dinner table, stock a lunch box, and provide a hearty breakfast every day. They know that eating right can put adults on the road to feeling happy and energized throughout the day, while watching their waistlines and avoiding the chemicals and preservatives that are present in so many prepared foods.

 A healthy diet is even more important for growing kids, who need balanced nutrients and plenty of calories to fuel their fast-growing bones and muscles and power the development of their hearts and brains.

 An occasional candy or dessert is a great way to have fun with careful menu planning and healthy cooking, but it is hard to find treats that taste great without blowing your daily allowance for fat and sugar. That was when Jen, the original founder, turned her focus to cocoa. In search of a delicious, nutritious drink for any time of day, she tested recipes and experimented with ingredients until she had found the perfect blend. Then she went back to the chalkboard and invented four more varieties, offering a taste of hot cocoa that can tickle any palate. When she was finished, Cocoa Santé was born — a family of instant hot chocolate mixes including Nor’Easter, Parisien, Kashmir, Azteca, and Mocha.

 But the quest wasn’t finished yet. The next step was to perfect a way of packaging this instant hot cocoa so families everywhere could enjoy the taste of quality ingredients and flavors with fine, organic cocoa harvested from sustainable farms in the Dominican Republic and South America. Cocoa Santé flavors are now available both in family-sized tins and in individual serving pouches, so you can keep a stock in your kitchen pantry or slip a pouch in your bag for a treat at the office.

 People all over New England have taken notice, and Jen and Shannon are now hard at work trying to keep up with rising demand. New shops and grocers are adding Cocoa Santé instant hot cocoa to their shelves every month. You can now find Cocoa Santé on several websites or in grocery stores and specialty food shops around the country. Keep an eye out the next time you’re shopping for food, and you may even spy Jen and Shannon themselves working at one of their frequent tasting events, handing out free samples of steaming Cocoa Santé in a store near you.



Our hot cocoa is a treat. We at Cocoa Santé believe that treats are good! - provided they are consumed in moderation. In our houses, we make sure that our kids and ourselves are conscious about our sugars - if we're going to have hot chocolate (of course!) we are not going to have ice cream. Our diet philosophy is simple - unless there is a specific concern, everything in moderation! Balance is key. With an otherwise healthy diet, we believe a low calorie, low fat treat with high quality ingredients is an okay addition. In Cocoa Santé's case, our treat even comes with antioxidants, protein and calcium. In our houses, there is no substitute for a yummy hot cocoa after a good workout, a long day in the snow or woods, or a hard day of work or school. So go ahead - mix, whisk, enjoy!

Portrait of Jen and Shannon by Michael Piazza